We offer complete catering and décor hire support to all types of functions, from large corporate events to small, private functions and traditional weddings and functions too.Mcallisters Catering Company in Durban provides catering for Corporate Events Catering.Types: Business Lunches, Platters, Spit Braai & Braais, Hot Meals…We provide catering services for company events such as Meetings, Seminars, Business Lunches, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Breakaway Events, Product Launches, Cocktail Parties, Spit Braai and Braai.Clients are invited to browse through our comprehensive and diverse menu for cuisine options and create a one-of-a-kind catering menu. Our menu also offers Vegetarian and Halaal options. We’ve worked with different clients, with different requests and have always managed to embrace and cherish our diverse South African clientele. Whether your tastes lean towards the classic and traditional or your palette enjoys exotic flavours, we definitely have something for you.


Cuisine – Clients are provided with a vast list of options from which an exclusive and tailor-made menu can be designed.

Refreshments – We will pair all your dining courses with the correct beverage according to your taste,
Should it be flamboyant cocktails, conventional drinks, or even coffees, we offer the complete solution.

Waiters and Bar Staff – Only the most professional and experienced staff are accepted onto our team,
so expect the best service staff at your event.

Cakes and desserts – Rich, indulgent and definitely mouth watering…. when we talk about desserts and cakes,
we can make a sweet shop look like child’s play.

Whether it’s a dignified 50th “do” or a company event, we’ve got all your bases covered with our stunning array of cakes,
sweet’s and desserts.


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